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  • Civil Litigation
  • Personal Injury


Attorney John C. Barker has been in private practice, doing mostly civil litigation, for about 30 years. John graduated from Hastings Law School in San Francisco, practiced in California for about 5 years, then moved back to Massachusetts (where he grew up), and has practiced in Massachusetts state and federal courts since 1997. He was admitted in New Hampshire state and federal courts in 2004 and has practiced there since.

In both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Attorney Barker has handled primarily civil litigation matters. More specifically, he has experience in the following areas, tort and personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, insurance coverage, subrogation, civil assault and battery, dog bite cases, premises liability, fires, liquor/dram shop liability, real estate litigation, and employment cases. Although in the past he has done defense work, at Gallant and Ervin, he represents mostly plaintiffs.

John will offer an initial consultation about a potential case, without charge. Once he has determined that there is a viable case, Gallant & Ervin normally charges a contingent fee for personal injury and accident cases. This means that his attorney's fees will be a percentage of any recovery in the case, whether that be by settlement from an insurer, or by judgment at trial. For defense cases, Gallant & Ervin charges for his work by the hour. John will work collaboratively with clients, looking for their cooperation and input on handling their cases.